About us

Whether you’re an office worker or outdoor enthusiast, we have the best quality socks for your feet that are made right here in Australia. Our company specializes in designing and creating high quality work & hiking socks and other high-end products.

Our recent launch in U.S.A has been a major success, simply because America just love's our Australian made socks! We guarantee that every pair of socks we sell is comprised of natural fibers and of course the highest quality, also just to mention, value for money! 

Wholesale Socks

We don't just sell socks online, we wholesale socks too! you can find out more by going onto our become a stockist page here > Stock our brands

We Ship Around The Globe

In Australia, we are one of the top manufacturers of socks. We ship our socks around the world no matter where in the globe you live in. You will receive your socks before you can say "Where's my socks!" People from around the world love our socks and always return for more! Our customers know our socks are comfortable, durable, and made to last, so they always find their way back to us. Not only that, we’re always trying to enhance the products we sell and improve our overall business. That way, we can stay ahead of the competition and the most recent technological innovations.

Launched In The U.S

We are now open for new business enquires throughout the United States, our launch in the U.S market has created new projects for us, we are very excited about partnering with some of America's favorite brands. Between our 25 years of experience in the industry and our innovative engineering concepts, we introduce products that have totally unique qualities to them. We believe that providing fast reliable, honest, and quality services are how you make customers happy. That is why we try to do just that.

Out Of The Box

Every decision and action our company makes is done to accommodate our overall mission. We are always ready for unexpected situations to arise which forces us to think outside the box.

3 Main Steps

Every aspect of our operations has sustainable practices implemented into them. This is the only way for our business to succeed in the future. Our objective is to become an industry leader in Australia’s manufacturing and wholesale markets. The three main steps we’ve taken to achieve this is: 1) Developing a product; 2) managing all aspects of our operations; 3) Establish customer connections.
Our company has a responsibility program which has set forth 10 commitments and 3 principles for the whole organization to follow.


By the year 2020, we plan to have the best business structure that abides by all these commitments and principles. The responsibility program is designed to adhere to our brand’s values and principles. This means that our product management practices must be done efficiently and with quality in mind. The same goes for our marketing practices as well. That way, we can integrate our ambitions for sustainable growth into our daily business practices.