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Terms And Conditions When Using Our Website

There are terms and conditions listed which regulate how our website can be used. Anytime you use our website, you are automatically agreeing to these terms and conditions. If you happen not to agree with any of the terms and conditions that are published, you must stop using the website at once.

[Cookies are used on this website. Your use of this website means that you agree to all the terms and conditions set forth. It also means that you’ll allow Wearproof Pty Ltd to utilize cookies under the terms of their cookies policy and privacy policy].

Website Usage License

Wearproof Pty Ltd, its licensors, or both have ownership over this website’s intellectual property rights, including the content and material on it. The only exception is if specific conditions are stated in contrary to this. All rights are reserved for these intellectual properties, according to the license terms below.

Users are only allowed to view and download content from the website for caching purposes. If website pages are printed, they must only be used for personal purposes. Any restrictions to this stated in the terms and conditions will apply.

You Cannot Do the Following:

- Republish website content onto another website or anywhere else.

- Sub-license, sell or rent website content.

- Display website content in public.

- Exploit, copy, reproduce, or duplicate website content for commercial intentions.

- Modify or edit website material.

- Redistribute website content not authorized for redistribution. If there is content declared to be for redistribution purposes, then that would be an exception to the rule. Although, redistributable content can only get redistributed to other people in your organization. 

Acceptable Use

Your use of the website must not cause any damage to it or restrict the website’s accessibility or availability for others. Your use of the website cannot be harmful, fraudulent, unlawful, or illegal in any way. It can also not be connected to any activities that are harmful, fraudulent, unlawful, or illegal.

Your use of the website cannot involve copying, publishing, using, sending, transmitting, distributing, or hosting material that contains or is connected to any computer virus, spyware, keystroke logger, worm, Trojan horse, or any type of computer software that is designed to be malicious.

You are not allowed to perform any data collection activities, whether automated or systematic. This could include activities like data harvesting, data extraction, data mining, scraping, and others. The only exception is if Wearproof Pty Ltd has provided you with their written consent to do so.

You cannot use the website for sending or transmitting any unsolicited messages or communications that are commercialized.

You cannot use the website to advertise or market anything unless you have written consent from Wearproof Pty Ltd.

Restricted Access

There are certain locations of this website which have restricted access. Wearproof Pty Ltd has the exclusive right to place access restrictions on any area of this website or the whole website if we so choose to.

If you have received a user ID and password by Wearproof Pty Ltd, it means you have been authorized to access certain restricted areas that are on this website. You may also be authorized to access other services or content as well. If you are a person with these access privileges, be sure to maintain complete confidentiality with your user Id and password. Do not give this information to anybody.

At our discretion, Wearproof Pty Ltd has the right to disable your restricted access privileges without giving you a reason for it.

User Content

When you see the phrase “your user content” in these terms and conditions, it refers to the content that you submit to the website. This could be material like images, text, video, audio, or a combination of video and audio.

Whatever user content you submit to this website, you automatically grant Wearproof Pty Ltd a non-exclusive, irrevocable, global, and royalty-free license to reproduce, use, distribute, publish, adapt, and translate the content material in any future or current works. Wearproof Pty Ltd may also sub-license the rights which we’ve been granted by you and act against any party that has infringed on these rights.

Unlawful or illegal content is not acceptable as user content. Your content cannot infringe on the legal rights of any other third-party entity. Also, you cannot have the capability of causing legal action to be made against Wearproof Pty Ltd, a third party, or yourself. 

The content that you submit to the website cannot currently be or have ever been associated with legal proceedings or complaints of any kind, whether these were threatened or real proceedings.

Wearproof Pty Ltd has the exclusive right to modify or delete any user content or material that was submitted to our website or saved to our servers. This includes content that was published or hosted by our website.

Despite the rights of Wearproof Pty Ltd in connection with user content under these terms and conditions, we do not keep track of user submitted and/or published content on this website.

Liability Limitations

Wearproof Pty Ltd has no liability to you regarding the contents of this website or the contents connected to this website. These liability limitations apply:

- You experience a direct loss.

- You experience an indirect, consequential, or special loss.

- You experience business losses, income losses, revenue losses, profit losses, contract losses, business relationship losses, anticipated savings losses, reputation losses, or information corruption.

If Wearproof Pty Ltd received information regarding the potential loss, the liability limitations still apply.


None of the content in this website disclaimer is going to exclude or place limits on any of the warranties implied by law which are unlawful to limit or exclude. This website disclaimer will not limit or exclude the liability of Wearproof Pty Ltd in any way, regarding the following:


Your use of the Wearproof website means that you believe the liability limitations and exclusions described in this disclaimer are fair and reasonable.

If you do not think the limitations and exclusions are fair and reasonable, then using this website is forbidden.

Other Parties

As an entity with limited liability, you accept that Wearproof Pty Ltd can place limitations on the personal liability of our employees and other people. You also acknowledge that you will never personally file a claim against any employees of Wearproof Pty Ltd or the company itself regarding losses which you have incurred from using this website.

Provisions That Are Not Unenforceable

If any of the website disclaimer provisions is deemed legally unenforceable, this will not have a bearing on the enforceability of other website disclaimer provisions


You agree to compensate Wearproof Pty Ltd for any losses, costs, damages, expenses, and liabilities that we’ve suffered or incurred as a result of you breaching any of the provisions set forth in the outlined terms and conditions. This compensation includes any legal expenses or other money that Wearproof Pty Ltd paid to an outside party for settling a dispute or claim.

Terms and Conditions Breaching

If any provision of these terms and conditions are breached by you, Wearproof Pty Ltd will take any necessary action for handling the breach. This may include revoking your website access rights, banning your IP address from being allowed to enter the website, and/or having court proceedings take place against you.

Terms and Conditions Variation

Wearproof Pty Ltd reserves the right to modify these terms and conditions whenever they want. When the terms and conditions are revised, they will go into effect for users of the website on the date the revisions are published. Visit this page periodically to see if there are any changes to the terms and conditions.


Wearproof Pty Ltd has the right to sub-contract, transfer or conduct a deal with our obligations and/or rights pertaining to these terms and conditions. Meanwhile, we are not required to obtain your permission or notify you in any way if we do so.

You are not allowed to sub-contract, transfer, or conduct a deal with the obligations and/or rights that you have pertaining to these terms and conditions.


If any court or qualifying authority determines any of the provisions of these terms and conditions to be unenforceable and/or unlawful in any way, then all the other provisions are still effective. When a provision is found to be unenforceable and/or unlawful but would become enforceable or lawful if certain areas of it were removed, the areas that were removed must be acknowledged so that the remaining areas of the provision stay in effect.

The Whole Agreement

All the mentioned terms and conditions make up the whole agreement that exists between Wearproof Pty Ltd and you regarding your use of the Wearproof website. This agreement replaces any past agreements regarding your use of the Wearproof website.

Legal Jurisdiction

The terms and conditions outlined here are governed and interpreted according to GOVERNING LAW. If a dispute were to arise regarding any provision of these terms and conditions, then it will be handled by the non-exclusive jurisdiction of Victoria courts.