Privacy policy

The following Privacy Policy pertains to Wearproof Pty Ltd and the services it offers.

1) Personal Information

Wearproof Pty Ltd stays committed to protecting your personal privacy. We understand that people have the right to manage their own personal information, specifically how it is used and collected. When an individual provides their personal information, they are entrusting it to us. For this reason, it is taken very seriously. Wearproof Pty Ltd promises to only gather and use your personal information for the reasons below, unless you give us consent to use it for some other reason.

2) Gathering Personal Information

Wearproof Pty Ltd will never gather or keep track of any personal information regarding an individual unless they give us their consent. If personal information has been voluntarily submitted to us then that is the only personal information gathered by us.

3) Cookies

Wearproof Pty Ltd utilizes tracking technologies, including web beacons and cookies, so that the services and performance of the website can give maximum convenience to the end user. Cookies can be defined as bits of data that get sent by the website to the hard disk of the user’s computer. That way, a record of their activities can be saved. Most of the popular web browsers on the internet are designed to support these tracking technologies. Users are not personally identified by these tracking technologies. Only their browsers are identified.

4) How We Use Your Information

Any personal information submitted will be used mainly for the following purposes:

- Satisfying the obligations stated in a contract between Wearproof Pty Ltd and the individual, including a sale and purchase contract.

- Rendering company-related services, such as after sales services and warranty services.

Information submitted to the website may be shared overseas and/or in Australia, for the above-described purpose. For service delivery or website operating, a service provider may have personal information shared with them too.

5) How Long Do We Keep It

We will hold information if you have an account with us to provide you with services as needed. We also will retain information and use it to comply with our obligations including legal, disputes and also to fulfil our agreements. However, once this has been done your data will be terminated from our system.

Some data could be stored or all within or outside European Economic Area. You are required to agree and accept this by using our services and or our website also when submitting information to us.

Your data and keeping it secure is very important to us, to keep your sensitive data safe and secure at all times we have taken special measures to secure collected information and data.

The process we take in keeping your data safe is as follows:

  1. We make sure your connection to our website is safe and secure.
  2. We make sure that any internal access to sensitive data we hold is safe and secured.

6) Company Contact

Wearproof Pty Ltd has the right to contact any person who submits their contact information to us. The purpose of the contact will be:

- To give information to the user which may be interesting to them, such as news about company products, upgrades, special deals and discounts, and anything else which may be interesting to them.

- To send out newsletters.

7) The Right of Access for an Individual

Individuals may access and review any of their personal information which has been recorded by our database. That is your right. To review the information, the individual must contact us via email at

8) Wearproof Pty Ltd and third-party website links

We publish on third-party websites, links which take users outside of the Wearproof website. Wearproof Pty Ltd does not control these outside websites. Therefore, we are not responsible for the information or conduct on any of these third-party companies or their websites. This includes their performance, content, and software too.

9) Queries & Problems

If you have any complaints, problems, or Privacy Policy queries, you should contact the head office of Wearproof Pty Ltd