Copyright Trademarks

Intellectual Properties (Trademarks / Copyrights)

Our company, Wearproof, owns all its intellectual property. This means our materials have protections from various laws pertaining to patents, copyrights, and trademarks. For instance, Wearproof is a trade name that we legally own under trademark law. The “Look n’ Feel” artwork design is a service mark that we own as well. These are all licensed and registered by our company, so no one else can use them. In addition, all the content on our website is considered a collective work by Australian copyright law. This content includes the text, scripts, software, designs, codes, applications, videos, music, sounds, photographs, graphics, and interactive features. Therefore, Wearproof Pty Ltd owns the content as its proprietary property. All rights are reserved.

Definition of a Trademark

A trademark can be defined as any design, symbol, slogan, or word which signifies the specific services and/or products of one particular party and distinguishes them from what other parties offer. This could be anything from a company logo to a brand name. Trademark law does not want consumers to be confused about the party or affiliates associated with a service or product. A trademark owner has the power to stop other people or companies from using their trademark, or anything similar to their trademark. Otherwise, consumers would be confused and assume that anyone who uses the trademark is associated with the trademark owner or approved by them to use their name. The way a trademark owner declares their exclusive ownership over a trademark is by registering it with their country’s approved trademark office.

Infringements of Copyrights and Trademarks

To prevent our designs, brands, and logos from being infringed upon, Wearproof has taken special precautions to protect our intellectual properties. We’ve formed partnerships with various anti-infringement agencies which work to detect infringement activities. The penalties for infringing on intellectual property rights could include up to 5 years in prison and/or $99,000 to $585,000 in fines, according to the Copyright Act of 1968 and the Trademark Act of 1995.

If you come across any Wearproof products that you believe are not genuine or authorized by our company, then please use the form below to report this to us. Any information you submit will be 100% discrete. We take all reports of unauthorized use of our intellectual property seriously.